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One day, when some high-tech historian writes the story of how wireless data exploded in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, Mobitex will deserve the starring role. In fact, Mobitex was the first wireless technology to convince the world that data messaging could be as ubiquitous, instantaneous and invaluable as voice.
Already in the 1980's field service technicians used Mobitex for vehicle location and to send messages. Before most people knew about e-mail in the early 1990's Mobitex sent its first wireless e-mail. By year 2000 almost 1 million users from many different sectors used Mobitex for critical communications needs.
Mobitex, pioneering wireless data

Mobitex road-map
The Mobitex system equipment, terminal equipment and the network architecture are continually enhanced to meet and adapt to changing market needs. Mobitex technology development builds on its core strengths - reliable and robust performance for mission critical applications, smart use of radio spectrum and operational excellence to create a market leading specification.
The detailed product road-map extends 5 years into the future and includes a number of important hardware and software development projects that will result in improved performance, decreased investment and cost-efficient operations for Mobitex operators. The current intense development programme which includes a number of new and in some cases ground-breaking products being introduced in a short period of time will maintain the technology platform at the highest level and provide a firm base for the long term. In the release plan new products will also be introduced to meet the increased demand for dedicated private or semi-private networks, covering industrial areas and serving a defined group of users.

Chipset technology
New Mobitex terminals devices are set to become much less expensive and reach the market much more quickly thanks to CML Microcircuits. CML has developed a super-chip tht integrates virtually all modem components in a singel package. This new chip is predicted to open new markets for Mobitex
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Combining technologies
Mobitex is being used in combination with GPRS, W-lan (811,2), Satellite, CDMA etc. We see new products such as dual-mode modems, gateway products and software that support this development.

Bluetooth can be used for more than connecting a phone to a headset or a laptop computer to a printer. It's a versatile technology with countless applications also for professional users. There are several new Bluetooth enabled products and applications for Mobitex. Bluetooth technology extends the choice of terminals and provide greater flexibility and more options to a large number of mobile computer platforms. Bluetooth enabled products for Mobitex are BlueTex and Bluetooth adapter.
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Wireless data for public safety use

Mobitex is widely depoloyed by public service organisaions and government. Around 150 organisations use Mobitex, which offers a highly reliable communications channel for data where communication must never fail. For organizations already using voice over radio, data communication can complement and enhance their services and provide completely new methods for making better use of resources, thereby increasing efficiency.

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