Velocita, TNS, Pepsi Aim at Profits Via Wireless-Vending Payments
December, 2005, Digital Transactions
At $18 billion in annual sales, vending machines represent the biggest cash market in the country.
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Extreme Monitoring
November, 2005, Power Engineering International
In northern Sweden, where weather conditions are harsh and power outages can be life-threatening, repairs can be carried out quickly thanks to Mobitex.
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Pepsi Moves to Cashless
October, 2005, Auto Vending Magazine
After more than five years of hard work and a 10 million dollar investment, TNS recently won brand authorization from Pepsi and will be equipping some 10,000 vending machines across the United States.
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Telematics, the smaller fleet
September, 2005, Land Mobile
For many years, the transport and logistic industry has been seeking solutions to overcome the fleet and service management problems. Having access to reliable and timely information is a must for all sizes of organizations.
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September, 2005, Land Mobile
christian Olesen appointed to Board of Mobitex Associaton
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Integration is crucial
September 6, 2005, Electronics Weekly by Melanie Reynolds
Integration is crucial, says Mobitex industry. The Mobitex industry is looking to use GPRS to complement the narrowband wireless data technology’s strengths and provide wider coverage.
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UK firm aims Mobitex devices at US market
September 1, 2005, Electronics Weekly by Melanie Reynolds
Mobile Expertise is targeting the US market for its narrowband wireless Mobitex devices following the firm’s official launch at the Mobitex Association conference.
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Mobitex Pursues New Markets
July 15, 2005, Wireless Week by Brad Smith
In an increasingly broadband wireless world, narrowband networks like that of Velocita Wireless continues to seek success. In the wireless world, old technologies never die. They just morph into new business opportunities. Take the case of Mobitex…
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Learning from lessons of 9/11
June 29, 2005, Geoffrey Nairn
One of the many lessons learned from the terrorist attacks of 9/11 was that poor communications severely hampered the effectiveness of rescue workers and compounded the tragedy. A notable exception was the Mobitex wireless data service and New Yorkers frantically pecked out messages on their BlackBerry handheld devices.
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Machine talk grows up
May 02, 2005, Electronics Weekly by Melanie Reynolds
Machine to machine (M2M) wireless communications is enjoying a particularly high profile at the moment. The number of wireless technologies which the data can be carried over is rising.
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It is important to have robust networks
May 02, 2005, Computer Sweden
In time of crisis geograhpical coverage and network sustainability are more important features than transmission speed. When Sweden was hit by a storm, leaving more than 400.000 households without electricity, Multicom Security's Mobitex network stayed alive to help field personnel do their job.
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Transcomm optimises supply chain and service delivery for transport and distribution businesses
London, April 19, 2005, Stockhouse News
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Transcomm, announced today that it is launching TrakIT, a portfolio of managed product and service options designed to provide fleet operators of all sizes with historical and real-time location data.

TeliaSonera AB is launching a new product that lets doctors monitor their patients through a wireless device
March 29, 2005, Yahoo News
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The new system, which is called BodyKom, connects wirelessly to sensors on the patient. If dangerous changes are detected in the patient's body, the hospital or health care services are automatically alerted over a secure mobile network (Mobitex) connection.

Velocita Wireless Expands Wireless Data Coverage to Support Networkcar Fleet Management System at Five U.S. Marine Corps Bases.
March 10, 2005, Planet
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Velocita Wireless Showcases Latest, Wirelessly-Enabled M2M Solutions at CTIA Event
March 10, 2005, Wireless Developer Network
“We’ve been supporting wireless M2M and telemetry applications successfully for years with a network that has been optimized for that very purpose,” said Charles Nelson, president and chief executive officer of Velocita Wireless. “The confidence that these world-class partners have expressed in our network connectivity capabilities speaks volumes about our ability to enable and deliver the very best wireless data solutions across a broad spectrum of M2M applications.”
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Onboard system gives Marines a grip on their fleet.

February 7, 2005, Government Computer News
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Mobitex Enhances Packet-Data Networks With TimesTen
January 24 2004,
TimesTen, Inc., a provider of real-time infrastructure software, today announced that Mobitex Technology AB, who designs, supplies and supports wireless packet-switched data networks, has incorporated TimesTen®/DataServer, a real-time database system, into the new Mobitex® MSN Network Switch.
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Articles in Chinese press about the CMX990
January, Etime electronics , ELECCC, IC666

Sweden does Telematics

December 07, Automotive Design & Production
In automotive circles Gothenburg is known mainly as the home of Volvo. But Sweden's second largest city has become a hotspot for telematics research that is drawing global attention. Much has been made of the idea of creating on-the-fly virtual networks where cars wirelessly share information with each other on road conditions, traffic snarls and the like. Mobitex Technology AB ( has already done it.
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SensorLogic on the Move
November, M2M Magazine
Sparked by major fundings, a slew of recent partnerships announcements, wherof the most significant is with Velocita Wireless, SensorLogic Inc is moving up to the upper echelon of M2M technology providers.
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New report - Highly reliable communication links vital for all advanced security systems

November, Reseach and Markets , Berg Insight
Security is a fast growing global industry worth approximately € 85 billion in 2004. CSL Communication in the UK and Multicom Security in Sweden, utilise dedicated wireless data network technologies like Paknet and Mobitex rather than cellular GSM/GPRS networks.

Mobitex: A focused network
November, Electronics Weekly
In spite of the proliferation of newer, faster wireless technologies with a much higher public profile, the Ericsson-developed data-only wireless technology continues to find more customers. By Melanie Reynolds.
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Media coverage at Electronica on CMX990
Electronics Express Europe - Miniature Wireless Modem -
its time-, space- & component-saving
Wireless Design and development - What's hot Wireless modems
NPE Magazine - Chip tranceptor RF (Portugese), » Read more

An increase in traffic
November, Mobile Europe
Tony Dennis reports from Telematics Valley Conference. The article describes several solutions for the vehicle industry such as Observation camera from Nokia, Cars-on-call from Volvo and RealTraffic, the real-time traffic monitoring system operating with Mobitex in Seoul, Korea.
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There to depend on

October 22, Land Mobile
Richard Lambley reports from the Mobitex Association's conference in Gothenburg on a year of change for this high reliablity wireless data technology.
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Cingular selling Mobitex unit
November, M2M Magazine
Cingular Wireless, announced the sale of its Cingular Interactive unit to private-investment firm Cerberus Capital Management. In recent months, Cingular shifted the focus of Mobitex very heavily toward M2M, or as the company calls it, transaction and telemetry. "I think it's really a significant step in maturation of the market" , says Glen Allmedinger, president of m2m analyst firm Harbour Research Inc.
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Machine-to-Machine Communications
October, EDN Europe Electronica 04 supplement
The range of applications that constitute machine-to-machine links is growing fast but the onus is on reducing the hardware designer's task of optimising such applications.
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Mobitex targets growing M2M market

September 28, Electronics Weekly
Mobitex, the narrowband wireless packet data technology, is targeting machine-to-machine (M2M) and mission critical data applications as its main growth market.
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Cingular cells Interactive unit

September 27, WirelessWEEK and RCRwirelesssnews
Cingular Wireless L.L.C. said it has agreed to sell its Cingular Interactive L.P. subsidiary, including the Mobitex network, customer service operations, information technology systems and a majority of its current Interactive customer base to affiliates of venture-capital company Cerberus Capital Management L.P. for an undisclosed amount. Cingular Interactive's current management team, including President Charles Nelson, are expected to continue in their current positions.
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Minimalist Wireless Modems are now a reality

September 25, PrWeb and EDNAsia and ElectronicsTalk
The miniature wireless modem end-product is now a reality as CML Microcircuits launches its time, space and component-saving wireless data IC, the CMX990.

GMSK modem with IF processing
September 22, Electronics Weekly
CML Microcircuits has developed a single-chip GMSK packet data modem with RF transceiver is the basis of a baseband modem with IF and RF processubg fybctuibs, programmable sybtgesusers, signal level setting funcitons and comprehensive on-chip and peripheral control, monitoring and interfacing.

New Technologies Driving Mobitex Network and Applications Development
September 18, 2004 and ElectronicsTalks
A series of significant technology and market announcements are anticipated from Members of the Mobitex Association at its International Business and Networking Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, which runs from 20 to 22 September 2004.

Report - GPRS in the right perspective
June, Diepens en Okkema
A study of mobile data communication in public transport was conducted by the independent company Diepens en Okkema in cooperation with The Royal Dutch Transport Organisation (Koninklijk Nederlands Vervoer), Carrierweb and telco KPN. Result of the sudy were reported in a report with title: possibilities and difficulties with GPRS. The main conclusion of the study is that a public network like GPRS is less suitable for business critical applications. Public GPRS networks are sensitive to overload and the operators standard service offering does not include any availability or reliability guarantee. GPRS is suitable for non time critical applications, often with relatively much data, where the mobile unit is the one initiating the communication. In such applications it is less critical if data arrives late or is lost.
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Wideband or Narrowband
1 June 2004, EDNChina
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Cingular targets M2M

28 May 2004, North America Wireless Analyst
Cingular Interactive is focusing on business segments that need broad geographic coverage, strong in-building coverage, very high availability, latency below 10 seconds and dedicated M2M customer care - all features that trump 2.5G/3G broadband product offerings. To enable the low-cost deployments M2M requires, Cingular Interactive revamped its business. "We now have the ability, through cost reductions, to do point coverage and private-network-infrastructure installations for a fraction of the cost for what we used to augment coverage for in the past," says Cingular Wireless Executive Director Tom Langan.

Cingular Interactive chase M2M subs

26 May 2004, 3GMobile
Cingular Interactive, whose Mobitex network is the world's largest, with more than 2,400 base stations deployed, is aggressively pursuing an M2M (machine-to-machine) strategy that began emerging 18 months ago when Cingular was deep in its GSM/GPRS rollout. The operator has initiated new marketing-alliance and channel-alliance programs to attract M2M partners. And to enable the low-cost deployments M2M requires, Cingular Interactive revamped its cost structure by automating provisioning processes and bringing in low cost OEM modules from Wavenet.

The media release about new ownership for Ericsson's Mobitex division was broadly covered, below are a few examples
24 May 2004,
Ericsson sells Mobitex division (pdf)
Wireless week Mobitex gains independance (pdf)
Total Telecom Ericsson sells Mobitex division (pdf)
EE timesUK UK group buys Ericsson's Mobitex division (pdf)
Nyteknik Ericsson sells Mobitex (pdf)

Hard sell

22 April 2004, InformationAge
For years, alternative carriers have battled to gather and then hold on to business customers in the face of the expanding cellular empires. Some have had considerable success.
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Cingular preps net for M2M

19 April 2004, TELEPHONYonline
Cingular is positioning its Mobitex network as home for machine-to-machine applications and wants to become the pre-eminent M2M player.
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Patient Cingular

22 March 2004, TELEPHONYonline
Bill Clift, CTO of Cingular Wireless, explains why Cingular wants to keep Mobitex running while at the same time continues its aggressive deployment of next-generation mobile technologies.
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BT moves closer to Transcomm purchase

15 March 2004,
Telecoms firm BT tonight moved a step closer towards the purchase of a wireless data company, it announced. The company’s offer for Transcomm, whose customers include Anglian Water, Kwik Fit and the RAC, was declared unconditional after conditions set out in a document last month were satisfied.
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CML executive takes helm at Mobitex Association
10 March 2004, EE Times UK
Kevin Swann, sales and marketing director of Maldon-based semiconductor manufacturer, CML Microcircuits, has been elected as chairman of the board for the Mobitex Association.
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Mixed messages on mobile e-mail.
03 march 2004 US NetworkMagazine
Network Magazine readers say that BlackBerry two-way paging is the best mobile data service. It doesn´t offer voice or high data rates, but it is reliable and secure.
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Mobitex to power mobile workforce in India
9 February 2004 Express Computer
» Download article (pdf)
Mobile workers need a sturdy and reliable method of communication, especially if they’re fire fighters, policemen or army personnel.

Wireless data a necessity for efficient public safety work
26 January 2004 The Parliament magazine
» Download ad (pdf)

Bondi cars go live
26 January 2004 Sirens, staff newsletter for NSW Ambulance
» Download article (pdf)
The new Mobile Data Radio System (MDRS) has become operational in the Sydney division.

BT group makes offer for Transcomm
23 January 2004 Dow Jones Business news
» Download article (pdf)

Ahead of the curve. Members are blue without the Blackberry.
17 December 2003 US The Hill
Since it was adopted as Congress’s standard wireless handheld device two years ago, BlackBerrys have come to rival even cell phones for ubiquity in the halls of Congress. Both members and their staffs now rely on them for a large share of their out-of-office communications. Adoption of BlackBerrys was more by force than choice, however. The attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, highlighted the inadequacy of the then-existing wireless communications system. Cell phones became useless due to high call volumes; many members couldn’t be reached fast enough with information about security and evacuation procedures.
» Download article (pdf)

Transcomm raises the standard with major network upgrade

09 December 2003 UK Telephony
Transcomm plc, the provider of business critical, wireless data services to organisations across the UK, today announced the successful completion of a major upgrade to its wireless Mobitex network. This upgrade further enhances Transcomm's network resilience, network transit times and network recovery time to maintain its high levels of customer satisfaction and further differentiates Transcomm's service from mobile data services provided by consumer-focused mobile network operators. The £1.1 million investment in Transcomm's network technology also expands network capacity and provides more effective tools for managing data traffic over the network for cost effective capacity utilisation and optimal overall network performance.
» Download article (pdf)

Time for narrowband, communications solutions keep service organisations alert.

9 November 2003 India Economic times
After broadband, it’s the turn of narrowband, wireless technology for wireless handheld devices. Already, a few hardware and software vendors are offering enterprise solutions catering to mission critical data communication needs of service organizations, such as the police, energy distribution companies etc. HCL Infinet for instance, has tailored software applications for the Andhra Pradesh police around Mobitex, an international open standard for dedicated wireless data, developed by Ericsson.
» Download article (pdf)

When the lights went out

18 August 2003 US Wall Street Journal
"Around 5 p.m. EDT on August 14, Franks was slowly making his way down a darkened stairwell in a 16-story building in Westchester, N.Y. In between flights, he tried unsuccessfully dozens of times to call his pregnant wife to see how she was faring in what would become one of the worst power outages to hit the United States. And then he felt a vibration. His BlackBerry messaging device, a handheld unit that uses transmission technology developed in the late 1980s, had just alerted him to an incoming message. His wife had sent him an e-mail from her BlackBerry, saying she was okay..."
» Download article (pdf)

Cellphone Failures Cause Many to Question Systems
16 August 2003 The New York Times
"As cellular telephone carriers labored to restore service yesterday, voices of concern were raised in Washington and elsewhere about the continued fragility of the nation's wireless networks even as the public grows more dependent upon them. Cellular service remained spotty throughout much of the Northeast and parts of the Midwest yesterday, despite the restoration of electrical power in many of the areas affected by Thursday's blackout, as heavy usage and continued problems at some transmitter stations continued to tax the system. But users of Cingular's wireless Mobitex network..."
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Mobile Data Accelerates
1 July 2003 Radio Resource International
"Hype surrounds data applications for consumers, but the real substance lies in enterprise implementations. With all the hype, it's sometimes difficult to remember that mobile data wasn't invented the first time someone uttered, '3G.' Mobile data, in fact, has been part of the wireless fabric for the better part of two decades..."
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Love and technology save dad's life
30 May 2003 Great Milwaukee Today
"What do you get when you mix the devotion of two Marines, a liver 140 miles from where it was needed and a couple of wireless interactive pagers? A day-long ordeal which Cedarburg resident Tom Ripley and his brother Stephen undertook last July to save their father’s life. The [BlackBerry handhelds] were crucial in obtaining and bringing the liver back to Georgetown, Tom said. While Tom was in the air, Stephen was able to communicate with him and know that they were going to need an ambulance to get to the hospital and back, a service which Stephen subsequently set up with hospital personnel in Philadelphia..."
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The Bandwidth Battle: How High Must It Be?
15 March 2003 Wireless Week
"U.S. wireless operators are pouring millions into upgrading their network infrastructure to make high-bandwidth applications such as downloading content and video streaming possible. While some of these potential new applications are targeted at the consumer, many operators believe the most lucrative users for these new networks will be the enterprise and business customers. But do business customers need these costly new networks to meet their needs? Lower-speed networks such as Cingular's Mobitex network, which only transmits data at a rate of 8 kilobits per second, has a very dedicated following of enterprise users, many of which have said they have no immediate intention of upgrading to a higher speed network..."
» Download article (pdf)

Cingular Seeks to Make WAVEs in Wireless Data
24 February 2003 Yankee Group
"In February, Cingular hosted its 7th annual Wireless Alliances and Vision Exchange (WAVE) Conference, bringing together a wide array of developers, solution partners, and enterprise customers to learn about the carrier’s enterprise wireless data offerings and strategies... "Vendor Winners and Losers: Mobitex developers and the international Mobitex Operators Association (MOA) are still in the wireless data game. At this year’s WAVE there was strong indication of Cingular’s recommitment to Mobitex for the foreseeable future. Even when EDGE is available throughout the Cingular footprint, the carrier still envisions a future for Mobitex specifically in telemetry, point-of-sale (POS), and dispatch areas..."
» Download article (pdf)

Slow, Reliable Data
21 February 2003 Outlook4Mobility
"I can tell you from personal experience that the Cingular Interactive network provides coverage far better than CDPD ever was and better than any GPRS network today..."
» Download article (pdf)

Emergency Services Go Wireless
23 January 2003 Australia Internet
» Download article (pdf)

Technisyst wins $20m ambulance deal
21 January 2003 The Australian
» Download article (pdf)

Third Mobitex Network To Be Launched in Australia
6 January 2003 Total Telecom
» Download article (pdf)

New Year Brings New Mobitex Network
6 January 2003 Wireless Developer Network
» Download article (pdf)

Australia to see Mobitex data network
6 January 2003 Global Wireless News
The Ambulance Service of New South Wales in Australia will begin rollout of a private Mobitex wireless data network early this year.
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