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The 2009 MA conference
The Mobitex Association networking forum in Birmingham, England, on November 26th is now open for registration. All current or potential partners, agents, sales channels - members or non-members - are welcome!
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Perth, Jan 2008: Wavenet wins China modem bid
Mobitex Technology AB has chosen Wavenet as the supplier of modems for the emerging market within the power utility sector in China, and has placed an order representing a value of AUD 1.6M.
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Sweden, Dec 2007: Mobitex opens representative office in Beijing
Mobitex Technology AB today announced the opening of a new representative Office in Beijing, which will be responsible for selling and supporting the Mobitex technology throughout East Asia.
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Sweden, Dec 2007: RAM invests in new switching platform
RAM Netherlands have adopted the new Mobitex Software Switch, which with its enhanced switching capacity and reliability will ensure secure operation as well as solid return on investment.
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Sweden, Nov 2007: MA welcomes two new board members
During the annual Mobitex Association Conference held in October in New jersey, two new board members were appointed for the Association’s Board of Directors.
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USA, Oct 2007: Velocita Wireless Network Enhancement.
Velocita performs major switch layer upgrade. The million-dollar investment is consolidating and replacing 68 older technology switches with new software-based IP switch architecture.
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Korea, July 2007: Fidelix revives CNI.
The Mobitex division within Fidelix recently established a new business structure, once again taking on the name of CNI. This new company, chaired by Moon Jae Uk and coordinated by Daniel Jung and John Kim, will be focusing primarily on Mobitex services and the great possibilities within new markets such as the US, Canada, Chile and Mexico.
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New Jersey, July 2007: Velocita Wireless aqcuired.
United Wireless Holdings, Inc. announced today that it has acquired Velocita Wireless.
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Sweden, May 2007: Mobitex Technology wins network contract in Mexico.
Mobitex Technology has been awarded a contract by CONATRON for a Mobitex network to cover Mexico City and its suburbs.
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The Netherlands,January 2007: HiTECHnologies becomes M2M Technology.
M2M Technology, the spin-off of HiTECHnologies, continues to concentrate on the excellent product line of mobile M2M modules for Mobitex and other technologies.
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UK, December, 2006: ME-D400 and ME-D400gps Gets Updated.
Mobile Expertise Limited - the communications manufacturer - is pleased to announce that the me-d400 and me-d400gps Mobitex modems have been updated with some key features.
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Sweden, November 13, 2006: Mowic makes powerful investments.
Mowic AB (Swedish Mobitex operator) has signed an agreement with Mobitex Technology AB to extend and expand the system support of their network. The agreement also includes enhanced redundancy, the latest systems release and the new MNS switch.
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Sweden, October 3, 2006: Mobitex in service for 20 years.
11.59 am on October 3rd 1986, the first wireless digital message was transmitted across the world’s first Mobitex™ network.
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New Jersey, September 29, 2006:
Velocita Announces the Mobitex Network Will Remain Operational.
Comstar Interactive har received written confirmation from Velocita Wireless that the Mobitex Network will remain

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August, 2006: Next Mobitex Conference announced.
The official site for the forthcoming MA conference is now open.
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Australia, July 19, 2006: Europe Opens Doors to Wavenet Modems.
Wavenet International Ltd,announced today that it has received an order from RAM Mobile Data of the Netherlands for modems for operation on RAM’s private Mobitex network.
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UK, July 12, 2006: Mobile Expertise services Maxon modems.
Mobile Expertise Ltd. can now offer a centralised one stop shop for all past DM200 Mobitex modems and also configurations for its new me-d400 high power Mobitex modem, which has replaced the DM200.
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Sweden, May 29, 2006: Mobitex becomes even more mobile with 3G and GPRS.
Multicom Security is launching Mobitex Combi, a service combining Mobitex with other technologies such as GPRS and 3G.
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Sweden, March 20, 2006: “Svenska Kraftnät” chooses Multicom Mobitex.
Svenska Kraftnät (Swedish company administrating and running the national electrical grid) choose a new mobile system based on the Mobitex network after evaluating the the command and control systems used during the heavy storm, Gudrun in 2005.
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Australia, February 8, 2006: Technisyst's Gateway to US Public Safety Market.
Technisyst today signed a supplier deal with Velocita Wireless, which will take network technology currently being used by the NSW Government to the US Public Safety and Homeland Security markets.
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Warsaw, January 11, 2006: Damovo and Mobitex announce partnership in Poland.
Damovo Poland, specializing in global services and corporate communications, and Mobitex Technology AB have signed a partnership agreement to collaborate in the Polish market.
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USA, December 16, 2005: Sprint Nextel to acquire Velocita.
Sprint Nextel and Velocita Wireless announced today that Sprint will acquire Velocita. The transaction is expected to be completed during the first half of 2006.
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Australia, December 13, 2005: Technisyst acquires Saab ITS.
Technisyst, a renowned supplier of Mobitex solutions, has acquired Saab ITS Pty Ltd and Saab Professional Systems Pty Ltd from the global Saab Group.
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Sweden, November, 2005: New Chairman of MA.
The Mobitex Association has named Charles Nelson, President and CEO of U.S.-based Velocita Wireless, L.P. as its next Chairman, effective January 1, 2006.
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Sweden, November, 2005: Mobitex™ selected as provider of wireless connectivity for buses in Santiago, Chile.
Mobitex Technology and Interexport Telecomunications have signed a contract for major expansion of Mobilink’s Mobitex network. The Mobitex infrastructure will provide connectivity for all buses in Santiago.
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UK, October, 2005: Transcomm to link police patrol vehicles to PNC system.
Using Transcomm’s Mobitex secure wireless network, Merseyside police will seek to improve their control room productivity, while giving officers faster access to information, improving efficiency and responsiveness.
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US, October, 2005: Velocita Wireless Withstands Rita’s Wrath.
Velocita’s Disaster-Proven Network Remains Operational throughout Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Providing Critical Communications in Gulf Area.
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Sweden, September, 2005: McNulty joins MA board.
Kevin McNulty, CEO of Transcomm UK Ltd, has been appointed to the board of the Mobitex Association.
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UK, September, 2005: The CML ‘SuperChip’ Pushes The Boundaries.
The recent endorsement granted to CML’s CMX990 GMSK packet-data modem IC, places the ‘SuperChip’ in a position as unique as the chip itself.
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US, September 9, 2005: Velocita Wireless High-Availability Data Network Withstands Hurricane Katrina.
More than 95% of network coverage in area is restored and
operational as of end of day on September 8.

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US, Velocita's High-Availability Network continues to serve New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
Click here to see the latest maps of our network operational status in the Baton Rouge-to-Mobile region Velocita’s High-Availability Network continues to serve New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Sweden, August, 2005: Olesen replaces Bergqvist as Vice Chairman.
Christian Olesen, CTO of Mobitex Technology has been appointed Vice Chairman of the Board for the Mobitex Association.
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US, Mobitex Conference August 29-30, 2005:
Many interesting papers presented at Mobitex Conference 2005
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US, Mobitex Conference August 29, 2005:
Mobile Expertise - New company offers innovative solutions to Mobitex community » Media release

Mobile Expertise -New high power Mobitex modem gives fleet managers a boost » Media release

Mobile Expertise -New low cost 5 Watt modem offers global appeal » Media release

CML Microcircuits -Enhanced New-Wave Alarm Panels Thanks to CML and Mobitex Technology » Media release

CML Microcircuits - Mobitex Technology AB Endorses CML’s M2M SuperChip » Media release

Technisyst Microcircuits -Australian Technology to Transform Transport » Media release

Mobitex Technology -North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) and Mobitex Technology AB to Establish Wireless Communication Laboratory for the Electrical Power Industry
l » Media release

UK, August 29, 2005:
Suited to a variety of M2M applications, from vending machines to utility meters and alarm panels, The CMX990 easily replaces CML’s existing GMSK packet-data modem, the CMX909B IC, to give unparalleled performance in new generation products operating on the Mobitex network, amongst others.
» Media release

US, July 27, 2005: HUB Truck Rental Corporation selects Discrete Wireless to track its lease vehicles and daily rental fleets. A critical requirement for HUB was reliability. For that reason, HUB and Discrete Wireless chose Velocita Wireless as the wireless carrier for this solution.
» Media release

US, July 25, 2005: Mobitex conference to showcase real-world,
mission-critical communications applications.
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UK, July 7, 2005: Transcomm UK Ltd make Service Announcement with respect to their Mobitex network service in London.
- To all customers, please be assured that Transcomm's Mobitex network continues to operate normally in London supporting our Customers and the Emergency Services.

US, July 7, 2005: Velocita Wireless expands network capacity in Washington D.C. to support communications needs of congress. - Company responds quickly to May 11 surge in network traffic.
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UK, June 30, 2005: Transcomm UK Limited today announced that RAC, the motoring and vehicle services group, has signed a two-year extension to its current contract. As a result, the Transcomm Mobitex Network will be utilised across 1600 patrol vehicles.
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US, June 7, 2005: Velocita Wireless expands wireless data coverage and capacity in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Company continues network growth to support increased user requirements
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US, June 3, 2005: Velocita Wireless Strengthens senior management team with three new executive appointments.
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US, June 1, 2005: Velocita Wireless Expands Network Coverage in Auburn. New York More than 470 base stations added nationwide since 2003 to improve and extend the reach of Velocita’s wireless data network.
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Sweden, May 23, 2005: New issue of Mobile Data Magazine - M2M applications are generating considerable excitement and is also the focus of this current issue. As usual, the MDM will update you on recent developments within the Mobitex industry. Case studies from the energy sector (Vattenfall and EP-Tech China) and wireless vending (Pepsi) are included.
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Australia, May 16, 2005: Deal opens gateway to US market
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Technisyst launches MobiMap, a new and exciting web based AVL Service, at CeBIT Sydney, May 24-26,
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Transcomm exhibits at APCO UK 2005 17-19 May, the defenitive event for the police and public security professionals.

London, April 19, 2005: Transcomm, part of BTGroup, has launched TrakIT, a portfolio of managed product and service options designed to provide fleet operators of all sizes with historical and real-time location data.

Sweden, April 14, 2005: Stockholmshem, one of Sweden’s largest residential companies, selected Mowic for a work force management system that will be used for vehicle positioning and work order dispatch to service vehicles operating around the city. The system will be in full operation by this spring.
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US, April 13, 2005: Bull Market for GPS Fleet Management Systems. Discrete Wireless announces 2000th customer - Installed at more than 300 new businesses in first quarter alone.
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the Netherlands, March, 2005: Flemish building confederation chooses Track & track service of RAM Mobile Data.
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the Netherlands, March, 2005: Licence for RAM Mobile Data's Mobitex network renewed until 2014
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US, March 18, 2005: Velocita Wireless named a preferred wireless data communications provider by AAA.
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US, March 15, 2005: Velocita Wireless Expands Wireless Data Coverage to Support Networkcar Fleet Management System at Five U.S. Marine Corps Bases.
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US, Mars 14-15, 2005: Velocita Wireless showcases latest, wirelessly-enabled M2M solutions at CTIA Event.

Sweden, Mars 05, 2005: Skånetrafiken chooses Mowic again. The contract includes data communications for another 170 buses over a period of five years. "Mowic was the only supplier that could guarantee to meet our high requirements on availability and transaction times", says Christer Nordland, Technical Manager at Skånetrafiken.
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Sweden, Mars 02, 2005: One of the Swedish Mobitex operators Multicom Security has been acquired by Brittish investmentfirm GMT Communications Partner Ltd. "Our new owners, GMT Communications partners has broad experience from the communication sector and knowledge about the European market. This will enable us to develop our products and open new markets," says, Måns Forsberg, MD at Multicom Security.
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Australia, February 28, 2005: New AVL clients fuel largest single order to date. Wavenet International Ltd announced today it had received its single largest order to date. The order for BM3 wireless modems is from Velocita Wireless. Deliveries are scheduled for the 2005 financial year, with a significant portion of the order going to support the growing automatic vehicle location (AVL) market.
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US, February 14, 2005: Super Bowl XXXIX in-stadium souvenir merchants team up with Paynet and Velocita Wireless to help fans make credit card purchases, without waiting in lines. Velocita Wireless-enabled Paynet solution helps 200 mobile vendors bring official game memorabilia to where the people are, without telephone or power lines.
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Australia, February 8, 2005: New orders fuel Wavenet's growth into USA POS market. Wavenet International Ltd announced today it had received follow-on orders for its BM3 wireless modems from Lipman Electronics (Israel), a leading provider of Point of Sale Wireless devices.
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US, January 24, 2005: Mobitex Enhances Wireless Packet-Switched Data Networks with TimesTen. Real-Time Infrastructure Software Manages Dynamic Location Data for Predictable Performance and Reliability.
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Brazil, January 21, 2005: Damovo enters into agreement with Mobitex Technology to supply Mobitex networks in Brazil.
Damovo fecha acordo com Mobitex do Brazil.
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Netherlands, January 11, 2005: Road Side Assistance ANWB has been a RAM customer since 1999 and has signed up for a 3 years extension of its service contract with RAM.
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Singapore, January 4, 2005: ST Mobile Data changes its name to NexWave Solutions.

January 4, 2005: WSI has been awarded the Good Design award 2004 for the BlueTex. Designer is Nikolaus Frank, Frank Etc., AB., Enskede, Sweden.

US, December 23, 2004: Discrete Wireless, Inc. today announced that thCompany has launched its new MARCUS® 6 GPS Fleet Management Application for commercial use for new and existing customers. New components include point to point routing with driving directions, dispatch and messaging, automated report delivery and vehicle maintenance. Enhanced features include new mapping, a user-defined location radius, route playback, new reports and additional real-time alerts.
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US, December, 2004: Mobitex operator Velocita Wireless launch new website.

UK, December 07, 2004: Transcomm UK Ltd, to deliver combined Mobitex & GPRS data-only mobile solutions, best of both networks give customers choice and flexibility. Early in 2005, a range of complete end-to-end solutions supported by the BT Channels and Transcomm’s partners, will be introduced to address key markets starting with a new Fleet Management – vehicle location and telematics package.
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China, November 29, 05: Beijing Skycomm sign contract of enlarge capability of street lamp project.
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UK, November, 2004: Mobitex operator Transcomm UK Ltd, the secure wireless data solutions business of BT, launch new website.

Australia, November 9, 2004: How Mobile Data will keep Police onthe beat.
Australasia's leading mobile data solutions company has predicted how communication technologies will dramatically change the way police fight crime within the next five years. Bill Delaney, CEO of IT firm Technisyst has made the forecast in his keynote address at the 2nd International Policing Conference 2004, being held at the Adelaide Convention Centre.
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Netherlands November 2004: RAM Mobile Data, the operatos of the Mobitex networks in Benelux countries launch new websites.
RAM Nethelands, RAM Belgium

Sweden, November, 2004:
Mobil heart monitoring saves lives and improves life quality in a new solution from Kiwok called BodyKom. Sensors placed on the body monitors patients health, positions via GPS and sends alerts over Mobitex in case of need.
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Chile, November, 2004: The PEOPLE-METER PMMI is a Mobitex network service by Mobitex operator Mobilink used for market research of television audiences (TV ratings) in Chile. It has been provided to meet the stringent TV ratings auditing requirements.
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Germany, November 9-12, 2004: At Electronica, the world's leading electronic trade fair, CML will be showcasing its latest wireless products, including the CMX990 GMSK Packet Data Modem with RF Transceiver.
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US, October 26, 2004:
Acquisition of Cingular Interactive Completed, Company Changes Name to Velocita Wireless » Read more

Velocita Wireless Unveils New Name and Strategy at 2004 CTIA Conference. » Read more

Velocita Wireless Partners with SensorLogic and AVIDWireless to Offer Integrated M2M Portal Solution with Programmable
Telemetry Modem. » Read more

SensorLogic Enters Into Reseller Agreement With Velocita Wireless. » Read more

TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. and Velocita Wireless, L.P. Sign New Partnership Agreement. » Read more

Velocita Wireless and RIM Introduce New BlackBerry 5790 for Velocita's Nationwide Mobitex Network. » Read more

Netherlands, October, 2004: RAM and partners CitiGis, Intemo provides a total solution for information provision at incidents and disasters. The solution aims to coordinate communication between emergency services and to provide "mobile workstations" to decision makers with an overview of on-going activities.
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Australia, October 20, 2004: Wavenet has received follow-on orders worth $250 000 for its BM3 wireless modems from POS terminal manufacturer Lipman.
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UK, October 13, 2004: TNT improves employee efficiency & customer service with Transcomm's Mobitex network. Five year, multi-million deal underpins global mobileworker initiative.
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US, October 12, 2004
: Navara Mobility Suite selected by RAM Mobile Data as managed services platform of choice; RAM cites ease and speed of deployment and dramatically successful client implementations.
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US, September 27, 2004: Cingular Wireless to Sell Interactive Unit
Cingular Wireless, L.L.C. has agreed to sell its Cingular Interactive, L.P. subsidiary to affiliates of Cerberus
Capital Management, L.P
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A series of significant announcements are made by members at the annual conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, Sept 20-22

September 20: Mobitex Association, New technologies driving Mobitex network and applications development
» Media release

September 20: Wavenet Technology, BM3-M400 & 800, Mobitex OEM modems.
» Media release » download picture

September 20: CML Microcircuits, Minimalist wireless modems are now a reality.
Media release » download picture

September 20: Mobitex Technology, Mobitex enhanced for private networks.
» Media release » download picture

September 20: Cingular Interactive, Wireless "cars on call"
» Read more » Fact sheet Cingular Interactive

September 20: Technisyst, Ambulance use multiple wireless networks.
» Media release

September 20: HiTECHnologies introduce general purpose M2M module
» Read more » download picture

September 20: RAM Mobile Data, nominated for fast 50 technology award & offers a trippel technology solution
» Media release » Media release

September 20: Mobix Wireless Solutions - Low cost OEM Mobitex modem from Mobix
» Media release

September 20: Maxon Introduces the new DM230 Mobitex Modem
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Other High-lights
September 20: Transcomm UK, part of BT group,who are we and what do we do
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September 20: RATP, A prime mover of urban mobility
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Australia, August 23, 2004, BM3-900M now in OBA-version.
Wavenet's OEM modem BM3-900M has now been released in an OBA (On Board Application) version, which has just received certification from Cingular.

US, August, 2004, Wireless "Cars on call" offer glimpls of car-rental future.
As of mid-2004, Flexcar has installed the solution in 350 "cars-on-call" vehicles offering motorists a simplified and streamlined experience. Today, Flexcar members can swipe a card, touch a few buttons and be on its way.
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Canada, August 8-12, 2004, Technisyst exhibits at ACPO International's annual conference.
Technisyst is the leading supplier of Mobile Data Solutions for public safety organisations in the Asia Pacific region. Come and meet them at ACPO International conference in Montreal at booth 2581.

US, July 28, 2004. Onset demos emergency gateway at GovSec
Emergency gateway helps maintain continuous communications between command centers and BlackBerry® handhelds even when Email or voice networks go down; portable server pushes forms, emergency messages via Mobitex(tm) Network.
» Press release

Sweden, July, 2004, New issue of Mobile Data Magazine
In this issue, Mobitex for municipals - simple solutions for complex societies are presented along with news from all continents. Particular focus is made on the newly established company Mobitex Technology, the revitalized Mobitex Association, the acquisition of Transcomm by BT in the UK and the new RIM Blackberry.
» Download MDM magazine

Global, July, 2004, Narroband is now - and it's set for Gothenburg:
The Mobitex Association will be holding its Business and Networking Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden from September the 20th to the 22nd. Read more in the press release from MA.
» Press release

US, July, 2004, Cingular exhibits at GovSec and READY! 2004.:
Cingular is exhibiting at GovSec 2004 which is co-located with US Law Enforcement 2004 and READY! 2004. Location: Washington DC Convention Center: July 28-29, 2004. Cingular will display Cingular Emergency Coverage Offering, Cingular Blackberry 957 and 5790 secure email solution, Onset Technology META message Mobitex Gateways, Networkcar Fleet management solution and Antenna Software workforce management solution.

Australia, June 23, 2004, Colonial First State Private Equity invest in Technisyst
Wireless computing specialist Technisyst Pty Ltd is set to expand its operations throughout Australia, New Zealand and offshore after securing an expansion equity investment of $3.8M from Colonial First State Private Equity.
» Press release

UK, July 15, 2004, Corrs Brewers awards two-year contract extension to Transcomm:
250,000 service calls handled more accurately and reliably.
» Press release

Korea, June 8, 2004, Mobitex makes traffic information available:
In the capital city Seoul, Real Telecom last year launched a floating traffic application named RealTraffic that use a large number of probe vehicles to gather information. The Mobitex operator now enters into agreement with KTF, Korea Telecom Freetel - Korea no1 PCS network operator, to make the traffic information available on cellular handsets for KTF's subscribers. The content from RealTraffic is already distributed through KBS (Korea Broadcasting Service), the nationwide TV service provider and will also be distributed through many radios and TV
channels to Seoul citizens.

Sweden, May 24, 2004, Mobitex Wireless Data Division acquired:
A UK investment group announces that it has today acquired the Mobitex wireless data division of Ericsson. The business, which operates from Gothenburg and has approximately 100 employees, will be known as Mobitex Technology AB.
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US, May 18, 2004, RIM rolling out new Mobitex handheld:
RIM Introduces Java-Based BlackBerry 5790. This new handheld offers the same look and feel as the successful BlackBerry 957 and adds the use of the open-source Java platform, a backlit keyboard and increased memory. Cingular is showcasing the new handheld at the RIM Wireless Enterprise Symposium taking place this week in Chicago.

UK, April 29, 2004, CNI receives order of 10 000 PDAs:
Modem and terminal manufacturer CNI, Korea has received an order for 10.000 PDAs from TDL, the Mobitex operator in Hong-Kong. Using a customized version of the TWM3 two-way PDA, manufactured by CNI, sports fans can get horse racing and football odds in real time and place bets from any location at any time, just as they would at the race track or at an off course betting branch. First shipment of 2000 units will be made in June.
» Source: CNI Korea

Upcoming event in May 2004:
The board of Mobitex Association will meet in Chicago, at the RIM Wireless Enterprise Symposium, May 18-19, 2004. The event offers targeted high-level and hands-on wireless information for today’s forward-thinking enterprises. Chicago, USA - Chicago Marriott Downtown.
» Read more

UK, April 20, 2004, Transcomm revolutionises driving lessons
Transcomm, part of BT redcare, today announced that Via Nova, a Portsmouth-based driving school, is utilising Transcomm’s wireless data network to enable parents and guardians to track students’ progress on driving lessons.
» Read more

Taiwan, March 30, 2004:
Ericsson is now introducing Mobitex on the Taiwanese market. Together with selected solution providers, Ericsson hosted a Mobitex seminar on March 30th aiming at the public safety and public transport sectors. Prior to the seminar a press briefing for the trade press was conducted.
» Read more (pdf)

Australia, March 16, 2004:
Wavenet receives 1 million of orders for wireless Mobitex and DataTAC modems to be used in fleet managment. cashless vending and mobile computing.
» Read more

UK, March 15, 2004, Offer for Transcomm PLC UK

British Telecommunications plc ("BT") announced that all conditions relating to the Offer, as set out in the offer document dated 7 February 2004, have now been satisfied or waived.
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Narrowband is now – and it’s set for the future!

Kevin Swann, Sales and Marketing Director of semiconductor manufacturer CML Microcircuits has been elected as Chairman of the Board for the Mobitex Association.
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Upcoming events in March 2004:
On March 31 Ericsson Mobitex, Tyco, Realtraffic and Technisyst will hold a seminar in Taiwan, Taipei. The seminar will cover solutions for emergency services and applications for traffic/transport.

Mowic Sweden and its partners B&M, CWA and WSI invite developers to a seminar on mobility for professionals. The seminar will be held in three cities, the first one on March 31 in Gothenburg.

RAM Netherlands will hold a seminar on aspects of risks and opportunities with IP-connectivity in four differenct cities starting on March 24 in Papendrecht.

On March 18, RAM Belgium will hold a seminar on positioning services targeting transport sector.

UK, March 2, 2004: BT extends offer for Mobitex operator Transcomm PLC one week. Up till this date 80,31% had accepted the outstanding offer.
» Read more

Sweden, March 2, 2004: Joakim Rönnblom, Manager transport solutions at Ericsson Mobitex was elected board member of ITSSweden.

Australia, February 25, 2004,
Wavenet announced today that it had signed an agreement with Cingular Interactive, for the supply of its latest Mobitex wireless modems. The module has been developed to address targeted growth markets of automatic vehicle location, mobile point of sale, security and cashless vending.
» Read more (pdf)

Australia, February 25, 2004,
Wavenet , one of Australia’s leading publicly listed wireless technology companies and a member of the Mobitex Association, announced today it has signed an agreement to supply its latest BM3 modems to Lipman Electronic, a leading provider of integrated portable point-of-sale terminals.
» Read more (pdf)

US, February 2, 2004,
In an interview for RCRNews published February 2, Mike Lazaridis, the company's president and co-chief executive officer said that RIM is planning to release a new device for Mobitex networks. The new device serves to quell concerns that RIM would discontinue its Mobitex business. "It's one of the few networks that's survived every major disaster in North America," Lazaridis said, citing the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 and last year's East Coast power outage. The full interview which tells about RIM's success in the enterprise market worldwide is available on RCRnews site for subscribers only.

UK, January 23, 2004, BT British Telecommunications plc bid for Mobitex operator Transcomm in the UK. The boards of BT and Transcomm announce that agreement has been reached on the terms of a recommended cash offer to be made by British Telecommunications plc for the entire issued and to be issued share capital of Transcomm. Jon Furmston, chief executive of BT Redcare, said: The addition of the Transcomm network provides a highly-reliable, secure and cost-effective wireless network, which is where much of the future profitable market growth lies.” Through its BT redcare operations, BT is a leading player in the fixed line M2M field in the UK.
» Read more

Australia, January 12, 2004,
Technisyst, Australasia's leading independent supplier of mobile data solutions to the public safety market, will be a gold sponsor of the ANZ-APCO Conference 2004. Technisyst has supplied region-wide Mobitex systems for public safety organizations in Queensland and New South Wales.
» Read more

Netherlands, January 8, 2004,
RAM Mobile Data reports that the city of Haag renews its contract for 5 more years. The contract covers wireless communication for 1050 parking machines placed within the city. Earlier RAM reported that taxi company Arriva, a Mobitex user since 6 years, also renews its contract with RAM referring to the high security, high availability and high reliablity that Mobitex provides.
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Calgary, December, 2003,
Mentor Engineering releases Velos, an IP interface middleware. Velos was recently installed at the Monmouth Ocean Hospital Service Corporation (MONOC) in Eatontown, New Jersey. Having used Mentor’s Computers in its ambulances for over five years, MONOC wanted to upgrade to gain further technical functionality and take full advantage of its Nomad mobile application from Pinpoint Technologies. The company needed a Windows CE platform and IP-based connectivity and chose Velos and Stryder, Mentor’s new CE tablet computer. Mobitex offered the best coverage and proven reliability in the New Jersey area, two important factors to a company whose ambulances respond to life-and-death situations daily.
» Read more (doc)

UK, 26th November, 2003,
Industry gathers to discuss future of mobile data at Transcomm Partner Conference 2003. Transcomm, the Mobitex operator in the UK and a leading provider of wireless data services to organisations, announce details of their recent annual Partner Conference, at which Quocirca service director, Dale Vile, gave a keynote speech on the future of the wireless data market. In his speach he advises experience and reliability as key components of B2B Wireless data networks offering.
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US, November 2003:
Good Technology and Keesal, Young & Logan's wireless implementation is one of this year's InfoWorld 100 award winners. The project was chosen as an outstanding example of enterprise innovation and IT leadership. KYL chose a three-pronged solution from Good Technology to wrap everything up into one tidy package: GoodLink continual-sync email
connectivity, the intuitive G100 Mobitex handheld device, and the GoodInfo corporate information platform.
» Read more (pdf)

Australia, November 2003
: New high performance OEM modem receives FCC & Cingular, US network certification. The OEM product is intending to have three variants, Mobitex, DataTAC and GPRS. The modem base name is Boomer 3 (coded BM3) The Mobitex version is designated BM3-900 M. Initially Wavenet is focusing on the 900 MHz markets of North & South America with their new product.

Australia, November 2003
: In response to the transport industry's growing concern for the safety of their drivers, particularly when transporting valuable or hazardous goods, leading electronic security company ADT is introducing a mobile asset monitoring and tracking service in Australia from November 2003.
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Netherlands, 4th November 2003: MOBILITY PLATFORM launched. On October 29 in Haag the ICT Minister Jan Brinkhorst opened the The Mobility Platform in the presence of the funding member companies CEO's, which are Getronics, HP, KPN Mobiel, LogicaCMG, Lucent Technologies, Microsoft, Nokia, and the Mobitex operator RAM Mobile Data.
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Belgium, 6th November 2003: ASB Plus BVBA and RAM Mobile Data Belgium NV now introduce concept for reliable wireless alarms for the security sector.

India, 4th November 2003: Ericsson Launches Mobitex in India, targets new growth market with dedicated wireless data applications. Ericsson India today announced the launch of Mobitex in India. Mobitex, developed by Ericsson, is a leading international open standard for dedicated wireless data. In new growth markets, such as India, Ericsson sees huge potential for this technology as it offers a host of established applications catering to the mission critical data communication needs of today's professionals

UK, 27th October 2003: Transcomm plc, the provider of business critical, wireless data services to organisations across the UK, today announced that Blueback, a new private hire company leading the consolidation of London's £850 million private hire (or mini cab) market, has implemented a wireless data solution over the Transcomm network to deliver enhanced levels of service for private hire customers.
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UK, 3rd October 2003: Mobitex operator Transcomm has partnered with CreditCall Communications to launch a credit and debit card payment system for pay-and-display parking. The companies said that they will equip certain parking terminals with card processing equipment; card information will be sent through CreditCall to the appropriate bank for authorization. CreditCall said it chose Mobitex for this application because of the fast transaction time, inherent security and well-known reliability.

UK, 29th September 2003: UK, APD, the UK's leading mobile information specialist has today launched a fully managed Mobile Information Start-Up Programme designed to mobilise the UK's police forces. The programme follows the successful pilot launch with the West Yorkshire Police, in which officers on the street were able to use a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) in order to reduce the time spent at police stations carrying out administrative tasks. The start-up programme costs £22,500, which provides forces with six months access to a gateway offering a range of essential police functions via 20 Grapevine units.
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Sweden, 22th September 2003: New Mobitex terminal devices are set to become much less expensive and to reach the market much more quickly thanks to a cooperative effort by CML Microcircuits and Ericsson. In this groundbreaking joint development project, CML Microcircuits is developing a super-chip that integrates virtually all modem components in a single package, while Ericsson contributes a rock-solid reference design for Mobitex modems.
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Sweden August 2003, One of the Swedish Mobitex operator Mowic is involved in a trial project with local road and edifice administration. In august Mowic and the partner PEEK TRAFFIC received an order for wirelessly updated signs indicating to motorists where work, such as cleaning streets, are being done. Source: » Mowic Sweden

Atlanta, 21st August 2003: The lights went out; the trains stopped running and traffic snarled, but Cingular's wireless data network kept working, staying true to its reputation as the most reliable, robust and rugged wireless data network in the U.S.

Business customers like FedEx Ground, who use one of Cingular's data networks to support mission critical applications, experienced minimal impact during the power outage.
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