What is Mobitex?
Mobitex is a proven technology used for mission-critical business applications. It has emerged as a clear leader in wireless data technology because of its outstanding reliability and consistent optimal performance. Mobitex is an open, international standard. It is a packet-switched, narrowband, data only technology ideally suited for applications like interactive messaging, e-mails, telemetry, telematics/positioning, alarms and form-based applications

How can I find out about installing a Mobitex solution in an existing network?
Please contact your local Mobitex operator or a solution provider in your market.
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How can I get the technical specifications for Mobitex?
The technical details of Mobitex, collectively referred to as the Mobitex Interface Specification or MIS, is available directly from Mobitex Technology AB. Mobitex is an open, non-proprietary system but the specification is copyrighted. The MIS is not in the public domain.
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How can I find out if there is Mobitex coverage at a particular location?
Most public operators offer coverage maps showing network coverage in specific countries and regions. Follow the link below for local Mobitex coverage maps published on the Web.
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For hardcopy maps please contact your local Mobitex operator.
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How many Mobitex networks are there?
There are over 30 networks operating in over 22 countries on 6 continents.

At what frequencies do Mobitex networks operate?
There are 3 families of frequencies: 400 MHz, 800 Mhz and 900 MHz. Generally speaking the European, Australian, and Asian networks operate at 400MHz, the Chinese networks operate at 800MHz and the American networks at 900MHz.
For a detailed list, please refer to the network frequency page.
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How much does it cost to use Mobitex?
Most network operators base their charges on the amount of data transmitted. For some applications, such as paging, flat rate pricing may be available. Please check with the operator in your country for specific pricing information.
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What is driving the market for wireless business applications?
The need to improve efficiency in the organizations and to use resources more effectively. Also things like the need to bring down cost for voice communications. New applications and terminals are important.

What type of applications is Mobitex suitable for?
In many cases Mobitex as a narrow-band technology is enough for what professional users need to do. Mobitex is ideally suited for applications like interactive messaging, e-mails, telemetry, telematics/positioning, alarms, form-based applications. However, if you need to make large file transfer, do multimedia, full web surfing and play games on color screens, Mobitex is not suitable.

If bandwidth for Mobitex is enough for what many professionals need to do? What is else is important?
Mobitex is a proven technology used for mission critical applications. There are many business users that need to be absolutely sure that they can rely on communication to work at all times. For these users, the network must always be available. There should be no risk that the network is blocked by voice communications for example during rush hours, at accidents or large events and certainly not during terror attacks or incidents.

During Sept 11 Mobitex was the only network that remained up and running all time, in spite of a 60% traffic peak.

Mobitex operators usually present service levels guarantees.
For a professional user speed is only one parameter. Equally important are features like network availability and reliability, latency, security and functionality.

What applications will Mobitex be used for and what will GPRS and 3G be used for?
There is a differentiation with regard to user categories. Professional users, like for example transport authorities, will often demand a service that is guaranteed to work perfectly at all circumstances. The communications needs are business critical. For consumers it is important to have everywhere access to useful, fun and entertaining applications on attractive handsets. The answer to the questions is probably that Mobitex will be used for mission-critical business applications and that GPRS primarily will be used for business horizontal applications and consumers applications but that there will be some overlap.

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