Wireless data strategies is about accomplishing a set of business objectives, such as increasing customer satisfaction, decreasing cost of sales, reducing inventory and better managing operations as well as work forces. By introducing wireless data there is a high potential for lower costs and higher productivity. Often more work can be done with less resources.

Improved workflow
It is a strategic decision to go wireless since it affects a company's way of doing business. It may involve business core processes such as sales, production, distribution and customer service.

Not a commodity service
Wireless data is not a commodity service like mobile telephone calls. Wireless data is different, and creating complete, customized end-to-end solutions that deliver value to the customer requires working together - the customer, the service provider, the systems integrator and the solution/equipment supplier. Often one of these suppliers takes the leading role to deliver a complete solution.

Mobitex operators are mobile data experts and have long experience in providing complete solutions. There are also hundreds of companies around the world that supply hardware and software products and services for Mobitex. Standard products and open systems guarantee future compatibility. Companies will thus be able to leverage this broad base of expertise in building a wireless data solutions.

How can I find out more about what solutions there are for Mobitex?
Please view our selection of Mobitex devices, applications and complete solutions from around the world.
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For more precise information on available solutions in your area, please check with your local Mobitex operator.
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How can I find out about installing and operating a Mobitex network in my country?
Please contact Mobitex Technology AB or go to their site
Contact Mobitex Technology AB
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How can I find out about installing a Mobitex solution in an existing network?
Please contact your local Mobitex operator
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Why use Mobitex instead of other technologies?
Mobitex has unique features that you can read about here

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