Number of Mobitex users
There are currently more than 1,2 million professional users around the world that depend on a Mobitex solution in their daily work.
Mobitex operators and their partners have unpararelled experience in the field of wireless data for professional users
Number of e-mails sent
Over 10 million e-mails are sent over Mobitex networks every day
Not only emergency users rely on mission-critical communications. Mobitex has proven itself in time of crisis time and time again.
Number of companies
Thousands of companies around the world have choosen Mobitex as their data carrier.
More than 400 of the Fortune 1000 companies in the US use Mobitex in their daily business.
Number of operators
Today there are 30 Mobitex networks in operation on 5 continents. Twenty networks are for public use, ten for private use.
Since the introduction of 2,5G services, Mobitex coverage around the world has increased with 38%.

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