Absolutely reliable and secure
Mobitex is an all-digital, packet-switched radio technology that provides a single integrated network that is cellular in design with distributed intelligence. Mobitex has an open systems architecture and supports IP-based mobile data applications. Mobitex provides an always-on and highly secure environment with near-perfect reliability for data transmission, fast data delivery in seconds, the longest battery life in the wireless industry and extensive, seamless coverage. Mobitex guarantees time-critical dependable data troughput. It is optimized for short bursty data communication. Mobitex support a number of important functions.

Extremely robust and flexible
Highly flexible and with high capacity, the Mobitex system is able to handle many users and a large volume of communication efficiently. Also important is that Mobitex is extremely robust. Today there is a heightened awareness of the importance of ensuring communications in crisis situations and Mobitex networks have been proven to function without interruption in such situations as the terror attacks of September 11, earthquakes, floods, bomb threats, forest fires and other disasters.

Guaranteed delivery at all times
Applications have full control over data transmission with both positive and negative acknowledgments, thus enabling Mobitex to offer guaranteed delivery. Mobitex incorporates store and forward and back-in-coverage functionality. Mobitex provides GPS positioning for vehicles that are moving rapidly and performs handovers between cells without error even at high speeds.

Secure communications at all times

Secure communication is achieved through authentication. Stolen terminals can be blocked from using the network. Closed user groups and sub networks further strengthen security. Encryption and other security techniques are tightly integrated with applications.

True push
True push functionality is a unique Mobitex feature meaning that a session can be initiated by the host. Packet can be pushed out to a mobile or broadcasted to several mobiles.

Fast response times
Mobitex provides response times in seconds. No activation is needed to start transmission of data. Typical response time is between 3-8 seconds.

Spectrum efficient
A Mobitex network is extremely spectrum-efficient and requires only a minimum of 20 duplex channels of 12.5 kHz each, meaning 250 kHz for the up- and downlinks, respectively.

A cellular structure
Mobitex consists of interconnected cells, each served by a radio base station that provides wireless access to the network for mobile users. These stations and other network nodes are connected together by fixed links.

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