Today, Mobitex is widely deployed by organizations within public safety, government, security, transportation, banking and field service & sales. A wireless data solution based on Mobitex provides access to critical information needed to perform their work efficiently. Mobitex is also used for remote monitoring and control of fixed installations in buildings and on industrial sites.
  Transport & Logistics
Asset tracking, workforce management
Current examples of Mobitex users:
TNT UK, a large express delivery service chose Mobitex
for proof-of-delivery and vehicle location for 3000 vehicles.
Fed-ex Singapore selected Mobitex to power their real-time
communication between couriers and central dispatch centre.

Public Transport
RTPI systems for bus, taxi, and road administration
Current examples of Mobitex users:
RATP, Public transport authorities in Paris, France use
Mobitex for a real time passenger information system.
RealTraffic in Korea uses Mobitex to collect traffic information
to calculate the fastest route for motorists.
Connexxion Netherlands chose Mobitex for communication
between central system and 1200 taxis.

  Government, Police, Ambulance and Fire Services Vehicle location, workforce management, database access, messaging and real-time field reporting
London Metropolitan chose Mobitex to optimize valuable police
The US congress chose Mobitex-enabled Blackberry devices
for 3000 congressmen and key staff.
New South Wales Government and Queensland Ambulance
Service have both implemented private Mobitex networks to be
used by the region´s ambulance services.
Some 150 public safety and government organizations
use Mobitex

Surveillance and workforce management
Current examples of Mobitex users:
Parking authorities in the UK, US, Sweden, Netherlands and Belgium use Mobitex in many big cities for centralized
monitoring and control and for secure on-line payment solution.
The Swedish prison and prohibition service’s chose Mobitex for
positioning and alarm functions.
Medichus, a company that manages hospital premises in Sweden
chose Mobitex to monitor and control heat, water, ventilation,
doors and lightning.

  Utilities and security
Alarms, surveillance and remote control
Current examples of Mobitex users:
Tyco use Mobitex to provide fast and reliable fire-monitoring
services for commercial, residential and industrial premises in
Melbourne Australia.
Fortum energy in Sweden selected Mobitex to integrate data
collection and management system for the Stockholm's district
heating system.
Samsung subsidiary S1 in Korea was able to reduce cost by 80&
by choosing reliable Mobitex communication with real-time
push functionality.


Mobile Office
Business horizontal applications
Current examples of Mobitex users:

Secure wireless e-mail solutions like Blackberry and wireless
service in the US.
Wireless e-mail solution Grapevine in the UK based on the TWM3
device from CNI.
The Tango wireless e-mail and Internet solution from Telecom
Digital Limited (TDL) in Hong Kong

  Field service and field sales
Workforce management, messaging, database access
Current examples of Mobitex users:
Hundreds of small companies use Discrete Wireless solution to
track vehicles in the US.
Field service engineers working for Flextronic, Sweden use Mobitex to ransfer and recieve work orders
and to track service vehicles.
ATS Euromaster, a major vehicle fast-fit specialist operating
across Europe, has equipped 200 mobile tire-fitting vehicles
with Mobitex terminals handling over 50.000 calls every day.

  Banking and merchant sector
On-line card validation, vending machines and ATMs
Current examples of Mobitex users:
100 000 point-of sales terminals and vending machinges are
powered by Mobitex wireless communications in the US.
Scotiabank and Royal Bank of Canada deploy thousands of
secure wireless and mobile point-of-sales terminals operating
over Mobitex.

Mobitex terminals
Mobitex terminals are available in many different sizes and shapes. Pagers, PDAs, handheld terminals, vehicle terminals, ruggedized terminals with integrated barcode scanners. Please check with your local operator for a list of terminals available in your country.
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