Mobitex is a proven performer
Mobitex is a proven technology used for mission-critical business applications. It has emerged as a clear leader in wireless data technology because of its outstanding reliability and consistently optimal performance.

Mobitex operators and solution providers supply business critical wireless data solutions that help organisations run their business more profitably and efficiently

Mobitex is ideal for short bursty data
Originally developed by Ericsson, the Mobitex network is an open, international standard. It is a packet-switched, narrowband, data-only technology ideally suited for such applications as interactive messaging, e-mails, m2m, telematics/positioning, forms-based applications.

Mobitex is worldwide and growing
There are now 30 networks on five continents. Mobitex will co-exist well in the marketplace with new emerging technologies. The most suitable carrier technology depends on the type of user, the type of application and the operator's ability to provide integration services. Mobitex is targeted at professional users that demand a service that is guaranteed to work perfectly at all circumstances.

Now in its fifth major revision, Mobitex continues to be improved and enhanced for demanding professional users.

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